Perfect rainy day tune

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And i’m here struggling to draw “m” seagulls. 


Ahhhhhh, Yeth.

Rooftop Chillin`

Right in the Childhood

Benefit working for a sign company: Rooftop Pictures

• Powell Street, San Francisco CA.

I guess I’m the only person in the world who had some cock blocking clouds during last nights lunar eclipse 😡

Family mourns rugby hero who died in floods

On April 4th, 2014 flash floods stuck the main city of Honiara, Solomon Islands. Out of the 19 that died, four of them were my relatives: my uncle, my niece(8 years old) and my two nephews ( 5 and 2 years old). My uncle built their house by the river bank, unfortunately the soil under the concrete base collapsed, causing the house to sink. My uncle drowned trying to save his two grandchildren (boys) on his shoulders. Although these tragic deaths occurred, i am glad that he is recognized for the beast he was. Representing the Solomon Islands multiple times in Hong Kong’s Rugby 7s. May his name live on. I pray for the families who were devastated by this catastrophic event.

With a dozen roses. 

Been growing my hair since 07’. Finally cut it today.

My nephew likes to read


Just our normal conversations. Gotta love this woman. To her, I’m a 23rd St hooker 😂😂